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Offshoots: A Florilegium from the Cairns Botanic Gardens

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Coming Soon - The Galleries next exhibition....

Pat Hinz - "This Moment in Time"

An artistic journey - experimenting with different media in paintings

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5 Sep 15 - 15 Nov 15
ROMA GOMA Fundraiser - "Not a PRO, but from the HeART Family"

A ROBG Biennial charity fundraising exhibition that involves, in 2015, inviting men and their child/niece/nephew/friend) who have never painted before, to offer their wondrous works of art for auction. A fun time!

Santos Acquisitive Awards

We’d like to announce that the winner of this wonderful award is a Brisbane based artist, Cameron Eaton. Cameron has experience as an engineer, structural designer and draftsman only commencing studies in art at the Brisbane Institute of Art in 2010. Since then he has had several of his works selected for national art prizes and for this award he wins $14,000! His entry was chosen from a field of National applicants.

His winning design, named “Ashburn Wilson”, consists of two stylized bottle trees. Like bookends they have been named after the first and last soldiers who appear on the plaque that is mounted to the cenotaph at the end of Heroes Avenue.

They will be placed in a prominent position at the Roma Airport in 2015. Read more ...