30 Mar 18 - 29 Apr 18, 5:30 pm

A SERIES OF WORKS BY Dr Karen Knight-Mudie based on stories of local bushrangers, the Kenniff Brothers.

Local historian Peter Keegan will speak to the works with the history and local tales in his repertoire on Easter Saturday morning. It will be a colourful rendition of a story steeped in mystery and larrikinism told by the best raconteur in the district.


4 May 18 - 17 Jun 18, 12:00 am

Artist :Julie Dwight


22 Jun 18 - 5 Aug 18, 5:15 pm

Workshops and displays by Cameron Eaton

FLYING ARTS "REMINISCENCE"- Tribute to Judith Wright

10 Aug 18 - 23 Sep 18, 5:00 pm

Reminiscence pays tribute to Judith Wright and her life and passions, reflecting on her contributions to Australian literature, wildlife and environment conservation, and Indigenous land rights. Featuring ceramics and works on paper from artists Frances Smith and Fiona Rafferty.


Link here to see original website for information

Miles Art Group- Miles Medley

28 Sep 18 - 11 Nov 18, 5:15 pm

The Locals, bringing their art to show the other locals.  Save yourself 3 hours in the car and visit the Miles crew in Roma

Through a Glass Lightly - Sandra Allen

16 Nov 18 - 21 Dec 18, All Day