ROMA GOMA Fundraiser - "Not a PRO, but from the HeART Family"

5 Sep 15 - 31 Oct 15, 12:00 am

A ROBG Biennial charity fundraising exhibition that involves, in 2015, inviting men and their child/niece/nephew/friend) who have never painted before, to offer their wondrous works of art for auction. A fun time!

Pat Hinz - "This Moment in Time"

17 Aug 15 - 20 Sep 15, 12:00 am

I have been painting for over 30 years and at this time in my artistic journey I am experimenting with different media in my paintings. Most paintings end up with some watercolour, ink, pastel, acrylic, oil pastels and various other found pigments. I love to paint and do so most days.
I live and work on the land and painting the bush around me is a great inspiration – but almost any subject can get the creative juices flowing. Of late I am also leaning towards the abstract – experimenting with colour and how the different media interact.
I love to travel and many paintings evolve from these trips. The Australian outback being a favourite topic.
I paint with a particularly supportive group of artists in the Miles Art Group, and enjoy the process of learning from one another. We have taken advantage of many visiting tutors over the years and I also try to get to Summer Schools etc when possible.
Painting is my passion. I experience such joy from making art – time just disappears when I am painting.

Offshoots (MAGSQ)

26 Jun 15 - 2 Aug 15, All Day


Offshoots: A Florilegium from the Cairns Botanic Gardens is a travelling exhibition developed by Tanks Arts Centre in partnership with Cairns Botanic Gardens, toured by Museums & Galleries Queensland. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.
It is also sponsored for it’s Roma visit by the Santos GLNG and the Maranoa Council.

"Slice of Life"

8 May 15 - 21 Jun 15, All Day

Cassie Swanson, and Trish Arden, two accomplished artists from Augathella and Tambo, are combining to present “A Slice of Life” at the Roma on Bungil Gallery, from Friday 8th May to Sunday 21st June. The opening night is 5.30 pm Friday 8th May, and everyone is invited.

Cassie Swanson is inspired by the softer visions she sees in her country, and portrays these beautifully with watercolour. Rainclouds and storms, children and flowers all capture her imagination. Recently she has embarked on a dance with acrylics, which has led her down a joyful path.Cassie paints with a gentleness and empathy, that belies the often harsh environment she lives in. She imbues her paintings with her own upbeat, positive personality.

Trish Arden is larger than life, and so are her paintings. Trish paints with gusto and verve. She handles acrylics, oils, and pastels with masterful aplomb. Her large floral paintings are her signature pieces, and are as colourful and full of life as the artist herself. Her life on the land has led her to escape into her art, where her passion for expressing herself in paint is the bonus for all of us.
With thanks to Santos GLNG and Maranoa Regional Council.

Looking Forward Looking Back

21 Apr 15 - 4 May 15, All Day

An installation “Field of Dreams” Commemorating 100 years since Gallipoli by Michelle Blair


“Faces of The Maranoa” Portraits by Sandra Allen

If I can't see you can you hear my dreams

6 Feb 15 - 30 Apr 15, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Buderim artists Veronica Cay and David Green latest exhibition of drawings and sculptures exploring memory, myth and magic through adventurous pattern, vibrant colour, light and form. David and Veronica have been life partners for thirty years, sharing studio spaces and an arts practice that was predominantly textile based.

Images from the Bush by an Accidental Painter

Images from the Bush by an Accidental Painter

7 Nov 14 - 31 Dec 14, 5:30 pm

No time for any lessons or tuition, painting scenes straight out of his memories of the bush that has been his life’s work.

Green Horse Blue Dog

Green Horse Blue Dog

26 Sep 14 - 2 Nov 14, All Day

“It seemed natural for me to start painting horses and the capers they get up to since I spent so much time as a youngster reading their moods and body language.”
Susan McConnel

Rowley Drysdale

Rowley Drysdale

16 Aug 14 - 24 Aug 14, All Day

Rowley Drysdale is an artist working primarily in ceramics, sculpture and mixed media assemblages. His practice spans three decades. His interest was primarily in ceramics, especially wood fired work utilising glaze on functional, traditional form, and the development of unique high fired glazes.

Nurses : From Zululand to Afganistan

Nurses : From Zululand to Afganistan

27 Jun 14 - 3 Aug 14, All Day

Australian nurses have been going to war for well over 100 years, but their important contribution to Australia’s overseas military operations often goes unreported.

Bush Pony by Nancy Hunt

Bush Pony by Nancy Hunt

11 May 14 - 11 Jul 14, All Day

Nancy Hunt is from Narrabri and is bringing her artwork to Roma in a collection of sculptures, paintings, mixed media & drawings inspired by her experiences of living in rural and metropolitan NSW, and also time spent travelling overseas.

Connecting with Country

Connecting with Country

21 Mar 14 - 4 May 14, All Day

A collection from Carol McCormack including an exclusive launch of the inspiring collaboration of local author Jock Douglas with Carol’s evocative art.

National Portrait Photographic Prize 2013

National Portrait Photographic Prize 2013

7 Feb 14 - 9 Mar 14, All Day

Roma on Bungil Gallery proudly introduces its next exhibition, the National Portrait Photography Prize 2013. This is a National Portrait Gallery exhibition. The exhibit commences 7 February and runs through 9 March, 2014.

Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous

1 Nov 13 - 15 Dec 13, All Day

A group show of creative textiles, jewellery and ceramics. Artists included Margaret Barnett, Laura Douglas, Rowly Drysdale, Jenny Fawckner, Sue Graefe, Fiona Hammond, Tarn McLean, Kathy Moon, Kim Noon, Phillipa Rooke, Meridy Scott, Tiffany Shafran and Kate Warby.

Seeking Madam Picasso

Seeking Madam Picasso

20 Sep 13 - 13 Oct 13, All Day

A collection of masterpieces by local women not daily recognised for their artistic talent! They are invited to express their vision of Happiness. An Auction on opening night will raise funds for Pinaroo and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

My Fantasy Life

20 Sep 13 - 27 Oct 13, All Day

Invitational. Women, non artists, to paint on canvas, their “fantasy” life

The Art of Zhen Shan Ren

The Art of Zhen Shan Ren

6 Sep 13 - 15 Sep 13, All Day

In a world where economic interests are given more importance than human rights, 18 artists have found a peaceful yet powerful way to express their wish for the end to an unjust persecution through a return to traditional culture and values.

Falun Gong

9 Aug 13 - 15 Sep 13, 12:00 am

Chinese political statement paintings.

Of Drought & Flooding Rains

28 Jun 13 - 4 Aug 13, All Day

Landscapes by ex-Roma artist Noel Miller. All the works in this exhibition have been influenced by Dorothea Mackellars iconic poem ‘My Country’.

A Rare Bird

17 May 13 - 23 Jun 13, All Day

Hand carved and painted native birds by Queensland artist Ted Barraclough.

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