“A Compendium of Ourselves”

An Exhibition by two Northern Queensland Artists, Susan Doherty from Cairns, and Sandy Hablethwaite from Kuranda will be coming to the Roma on Bungil Gallery commencing on Saturday 17th July at 5.30pm. This eclectic exhibition will complement the Sculpture Out Back sculptures that will be exhibited from 2nd July through to September.

Susan Doherty states that her sculptural practice strongly pursues the re-purposing of found objects. This has been a constant in her work, bringing attention to what we discard as rubbish or junk, changing the useless to the meaningful, making small comments on our consumer world.
Techniques she uses are often unconventional, and always evolving. Often blending the organic and manmade, mixing stitching, weaving, painting, and wrapping to name a few.
Inspiration comes from everywhere, especially the natural world, our Australian bush.
Her art results in storytelling through whimsical imagination and a curiosity of life. Susan believes that telling stories is a way we take our inner world to the outer world. It is how we show who we are to the world. Inviting the outer world into our inner world.

Sandy Hablethwaite loves working with clay where the outcomes can be unpredictable. She has a BA and a Diploma in Visual Arts and has taught and given workshops for many years. The fascination of the variety of clays, the surface treatments and firing techniques along with the outcomes continually inspire and excite her. Hand building is her forte especially vessels with eclectic shapes and sizes.
She is passionate about sculpture and the way the characters evolve during the process of making them. The option of mixed media and found objects to enhance them is an added excitement.