Exhibition Policy

The Gallery will seek to promote art in all its forms.

Exhibition in the Gallery is by invitation only. Official Expression of Interest forms will be forwarded to invited exhibitor/s.

All proposed exhibitions will be selected by the Exhibitions Sub-Committee and will be subjected to a basic, uniform evaluation process taking into account the existing and forward programs and relevance to the Gallery’s objectives.

Gallery Dimensions

Width: 10.87m
Length: 17.92m
Area: 194.79m2

Three mobile walls can be used for modifying the Gallery space to suit smaller/larger or concurrent exhibitions.

Depth: .70m
Height: 2.2m

Exhibitors will be notified of the running metres available to them.

Twenty-four free standing plinths and 6 lockable showcases can be used in a variety of configurations.

The Gallery reserves the right to limit the number of works in an exhibition.