1 Mar 09 - 4 Apr 09, All Day

Location: Roma on Bungil Gallery

Transfiguration – John Elderfield on Matisse states ‘Paintings are not windows onto an external nature, they are not windows through which light passes but mirrors that return light, and with it a transformed nature’. This exhibition is a body of work over 10 years and constructed to tell a narrative of Lucja’s journey to find her place both externally and internally.

Lucja comes from a migrant background but has been an Australian since she was two. The mixing of these cultures gives her a unique perspective, and though she now resides on the Gold Coast she travels extensively around Australia, Europe and India.

She straddles these excitingly different worlds in order to find her place and her creative approach is both her voice and her passion. By transfiguring the ordinary she creates images that are probing, powerful and colourful but always truthful in their quest for meaning. Lucja says that ‘being physically present each moment makes the creative process exciting providing deeper connection between my spirit and my environment’.

These works express her individual identity and are based on her internal spirituality coupled with her external interpretations with a thirst for first-hand experience. Lucja explores relationships with herself, her family on her world. As a contemporary artist, Lucja acknowledges her work can sometimes be classical but strives to always work experimentally and this is reflected with her choice of genre, medium and subject matter.

Art making is her voice.

Artist Biography

Art is life to me and I use any means necessary to convey the feelings I need to express about the world around and within me through the medium of paint and texture. I am passionate about my work and use the visual medium to explore, expose and share the richness and fulfilment of the creative process.

Colourful, bold, experimental and creative.

Lucja has a European background and became an Australian while growing up in Newcastle. She spent twenty years in Sydney and is now located on the Gold Coast. She completed her Art Certificate and Post-Graduate Certificate at the Seaforth College of Fine Arts in 1982. From 1991 she has been a member of The Ku-ring-gai Art Society, NSW, The Royal Qld Art Society and The Watercolour Society and since 1993 is a Lifetime member of Bribie Island Art Society. Lucja was Chair of the RQAS Gold Coast between 1998 and 2000 and in 2007 completed her BAVE in Adult and Vocational Education teaching degree from Griffith University. Since 1985 her works have been sold throughout Australia, New Zealand, America Europe and Lucja exhibits her work continually and has won many awards.

Graduated BAdVocEd Griffith University Brisbane
Contract with Queensland Health

2008 – 2004
Conducts Painting Tours and runs workshops in Italy every two years
Taught in New Zealand Hamilton and Auckland
Conducts workshops throughout Queensland, NSW and Victoria
Taught TAFTA Victoria and NSW
Won overall artist award at Springfest Gold Coast three times
Sells her artwork to private collections Qld and NSW and Europe

 2003 – 2000
Contract with Flying Arts Inc teaching outback NSW and Qld
Selected travelling exhibition with Flying Arts Inc for 12 months
Visual arts Coordinator POLART Exhibition Qld Museum
Produced first teaching video ‘An Adventure in Art – the Road to Creativity’.
Chairperson of the Royal Qld Art Society RQAS – Gold Coast
Won two first prizes, two second awards RQAS and Springfest

Prior 2000
Numerous Art Exhibitions from Mosman Art Awards 1980 to
Queensland Museum Pol Art 2000
Numerous classes, workshops and seminars in NSW and Qld
Judged numerous art exhibitions and photographic society
Numerous art awards from RQAS and Springfest Art Festival
Sale of art through White Patch and Pages Montville to US
Australia and Europe