When I was young, I remember asking my mother “What makes a great marriage?”

Her answer was: Make sure you are both heading in the same direction.

At the time I felt this was an inadequate and unsatisfactory response to a deeply profound question. But now, 42 years of marriage later, I finally think I know what she’s talking about.

My exhibition “Heading in the Same Direction” is motivated by this advice and my life with my husband in rural Queensland. I draw inspiration from our experiences in this sunburnt country: its vast landscape, changing seasons, interesting people and rich history. I have been involved in a creative life since childhood and fortunately I have had the support of my family, friends and other artists who have encouraged me along the way. I have exhibited and sold my paintings for over thirty years with several solo and group exhibitions. I paint, exhibit and sell my work regularly, working from my newly renovated shearing shed studio on our property at Felton on the beautiful Darling Downs. I have painted in watercolours, oils and now I mostly use Acrylics on canvas.

You can find my work posted regularly on Instagram @Studiofairview.

I hope you enjoy this exhibition.

Barbara Hancock